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ABOUT Reed Builders


We do much more than simply design, build and renovate homes we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your future and we manage the process with you. Short of constructing the home yourself, you want to know that the team you select will build to your discriminating standards and that the end result provides the value you deserve for your investment.

We assist you in visualizing your dream home and translating it into functional plans; and we build it for you using only the highest quality materials and most skilled craftsmen. We build our homes, and our relationships, to last. From design and build to renovations and maintenance, we look forward to helping you create the perfect surroundings for your evolving lifestyle.


Having over 300million in capital projects completed by our Sr. Engineer, Our company has combined leading construction technologies, sustainable materials with exquisite classical design to achieve solid, eco-friendly, timeless classics in new upscale home development. We are expert home builders and know what it takes to create a masterpiece. That is why we have created a team of highly-qualified and reputable Architects, Engineers, Master Carpenters and Designers, to name a few, to provide a seamless experience with creativity, knowledge, and integrity to design & build your dream home composed exquisitely and delivered on time. The level of sophistication and flair expressed by our specialized designers is matched by the extensive skills of our structural engineers and top-level professional building staff. Together with our clients, we plan and create homes that not only convey elegant classical beauty and practical functionality, but stand solidly on a substantial state-off-the-art structure. We look forward to working with you to help you create your future luxury masterpiece.

Raphew T. Reed Sr.

Raphael Reed